Burnt Sienna Berlin


Burnt Sienna Berlin is an artist cooperative providing classes and mentoring material relating to the visual arts. Based in Berlin Burnt Sienna provides an informed and critical platform for the development of its members. 

Membership of Burnt Sienna is inclusive of the following

-Invitations to events and exhibitions in Berlin
- Group critiques on and offline (peer evaluation and one to one critique of art practice)
-Monthly video tutorials and newsletters
- Reading group


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Burnt sienna  aims to stimulate discussion and engagement through group critiques, distribution of written material and off and online tutorials.


Admission to Burnt Sienna Berlin


Admissions are reviewed monthly by existing members. Existing members aim to bring together a diverse group that represents the breadth of contemporary art practice across all mediums. The online application form  can be found here.


  • Evidence of a strong practice with room for evolution

  • Demonstrate a range of skills and technical abilities

  • Communicate ideas visually, verbally and in writing


To apply to Burnt Sienna Berlin please send 6 jpegs of recent work and a short bio to burntsiennaberlin@gmail.com